Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Service Project Meeting at the CUOC

Our next meeting will be held at the Asheboro Christian's United Outreach Center on Sunset avenue. We will be meeting at the same time as usual, just at a different place. Instead of just donating the food that we have collected, the CUOC will allow the girls to actually help organize the food and stock the shelves of the food pantry. Not only will this serve as a service project, but it will help the girls see just how this organization gets out and helps the less fortunate in the community.

Parents are asked to drop the girls off in the parking lot behind the building, which runs along the railroad tracks off of Sunset avenue. We will spend our entire meeting at the CUOC with the chance of a possible stargazing lesson near the end of our meeting.

Thanks again for all the hard work you all do. I know the CUOC will appreciate the food that everyone has gathered to donate.

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